You Said, We Did

Mar 22, 2021Construction Updates

Site lighting

  • You told us lighting on the construction site at night was too bright
  • We turned off all lights, with the exception of security lights, to minimise the impact of the lights

Works past permitted working hours

  • You asked us why we continued to work past 6pm
  • We explained that the concrete pour was delayed due to a late delivery. If the pour had stopped mid flow this would have compromised the structural integrity of the building. We apologised and last deliveries are now scheduled earlier to reduce the risk of having to work past our permitted hours

Early works

  • You complained that works had started on site at 6:20am
  • We checked our cameras and confirmed that no works had taken place at that time. Construction does not start until 8am and we shared an image from our site camera that showed the site was closed


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