Social Value Update – July 2021

Jul 16, 2021Social Value

Social Value is the term used to measure the impact of our works on the local community and is measured via an external organisation, the Social Value Portal. Our latest report from the Social Value Portal showcases the social value we have delivered from the start of the project to the end of June 2021. The activities and initiatives carried out have generated value for local people, their immediate communities and wider UK society. The social value portal measures the benefits provided within 40 miles. 

Key highlights so far: 

  • 4 apprentices have worked 92 weeks 
  • 3 graduates have worked 47 weeks 
  • 3 young people have gained work experience on site 
  • 3 work experience and career support sessions supported with local schools 
  • 3 career sessions with Barnardo’s YouthBuild 
  • 5 accredited and advanced H&S training sessions for Lewisham residents 
  • 1 accredited training event for local residents 
  • 1 Meet the Contractor event 
  • 87 local people employed (FTE)
  • 2 local organisations engaged to support ex-offenders back into employment
  • £53,554,494 spent with local businesses
  • 55,804 car miles saved using public transport 

Using the Social Value Portal, the total additional value we have delivered is £60,586,483.  

The ‘dials’ on the infographics below show how we are performing against some of our targets, and these will increase as the project continues. 

Apprenticeships: The number and variety of apprenticeships available on the project is beginning to increase as more subcontractors join us on site. We currently have a number of apprenticeships available which are advertised on the Lewisham Construction Hub for:

  • Electrical apprentice
  • Mechanical apprentice
  • Trainee systems operator
  • Carpentry apprentice
  • Steel fixer apprentice

If you or anyone you know would be interested in these positions, please apply using the link above or get in touch using the details on the contact us page.

Local employment: We are close to reaching our target of 90 local people employed. We currently have one labourer role advertised on the Lewisham Construction Hub and will have additional labourer, fixer and dry liner positions available in the coming weeks.

Local spend: With additional subcontractors now working with us on the project, our local spend has increased. We continue to look for opportunities to work with businesses local to Lewisham and within 40 miles.

Car miles saved: We encourage our workforce to take public transport instead of driving to reduce our impact on the environment. So far, we have saved over 55,000 miles and 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide through this initiative.

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