Progress on site July 2020 to February 2021.

Feb 18, 2021Construction Updates

Since the start of the project in July 2020 we have made significant progress on site. We have:

  • Cleared the site of all underground obstructions
  • Completed piling works
  • Erected four tower cranes
  • Poured concrete on buildings D1 and D2
  • Basement dug out for building E
  • Sitewide infrastructure installed including below ground services for heating and water

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July 2020

Works started on site on 13th July 2020 and included ground remediation works to ensure the site was safe to begin works. The project offices for Balfour Beatty were fitted out and welfare areas were installed for operatives, with work starting on the commercial spaces in Brick Kiln to create an office space for subcontractors and additional welfare areas.

October 2020

In October we completed piling works on buildings D1 and C2 and commenced works on C1. Pile caps have been poured for D1, D2 and C2 to create a stable foundation for the building load onto the piles. Basement excavation for Building E began and the first permanent tower crane was installed.

February 2021

In February we continue to pour concrete on buildings D1 and D2, reaching level 1 and level 4 respectively. Concrete foundations for buildings C1 and C2 will be well underway, and the waterproofing for building E will be completed.

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