Health and Safety Training for the Workforce

Aug 5, 2021Community Updates

We have been delivering extensive health and safety training for our workforce throughout the duration of the project to ensure all operatives and project teams are aware of their responsibilities and working to high safety standards.

Balfour Beatty has recently updated and rolled out new training, ‘Make Safety Personal’, which has four different levels to match the knowledge required for different roles on site:

Bronze – delivered to all team members with a focus on individual behaviours

Silver – delivered to supervisors and managers that lead people, focusing on behavioural influence and how to eliminate errors which could cause accidents

Gold – this module is under development but will focus on Balfour Beatty’s Golden Rules and Zero Harm ambition

Platinum – delivered to managers and directors to provide leadership tools that will create a positive environment which will influence the desired health and safety behaviours from the rest of the workforce

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