Continuation of Local Work Experience on site

Feb 11, 2022Social Value

At the end of 2021 the site welcomes 4 more students from Lewisham College on to site to undertake 2 weeks of work experience.

The students who were all level 1 bricklaying or multi trade attended site and spent a day with each of the trades currently on this, these included:

• Brick and Blockwork
• Dry Lining
• Mechanical and Electrical
• Facades
• Logistics/Site management

Through this on site learning it is hoped that the students can see first hand what construction at such a scale consists of and how their careers can develop going forward through their course and in to full time employment.

Further work experience opportunities have been arranged to 2022 with a number of organisation such as The Construction Youth Trust, Barnardo’s and also directly with Lewisham College.
Through these joint ventures it is hoped that students and pour supply chain can identify possible apprenticeships that the students can undertake alongside their current learning.

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