Construction Update – 1st April 2021

Apr 1, 2021Construction Updates

This week we have continued to focus on the steelwork on the gantry. This is the large raised steel frame and platform that will support our additional office cabins.

We have also carried out the following works on the individual blocks:

Building C:

  • Concrete blinding (a thin layer of concrete poured over the floor of a building) has taken place to allow a clean, level working surface
  • Concrete has been poured to the core
  • Decking has been laid for level 1 of building C2

Building D1:

  • Concrete has been poured on a third of level 4

Building D2:

  • Decking laid for level 6
  • Columns have been erected

Building E:

  • Decking laid for level 1 of building E

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